How To Make A Recycled Kite

Hi! It’s 😎

You have probably seen me in the Animal of the Week about Great Hammerhead Sharks, but now I’m back to tell you about how to make a recycled kite. 

This is what you will need:

  • A plastic carrier bag
  • 2 hard paper straws or 2 wooden skewers
  • Some masking tape or parcel tape
  • Some string
  • Old ribbons cut into around 10cm long


1. Cut off around a third of one of your straws or skewers. Put it on top of another straw or skewer to form a cross shape and then tape them together.

2. Get your plastic bag and flatten it down. Cut down each side and open up the bag. Then take your cross shape and lay it on the bag. Tape the cross to the bag.

3. Fold the edges of the bag and tape them in place. This will make your kite a bit more rigid. Connect your ribbons to the base with some tape.

4. Tie one of the ends of your string securely to the centre of your cross. Now see if it flies.

Here’s one that Project Eco made:

Here are some photos of other recycled kites:

I hope you enjoyed my post and you might see me back again soon.


The instructions I used are an adaptation of the instructions in ‘The Week Junior: Science and Nature’ magazine.

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We are a group of friends that want to raise awareness about climate change and what we can do the help stop it.

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