Craft Of The Week: Sock Monkey + Challenge 18

Hey, its 平! Challenge 18: Make a list of things that you see outdoors, one for every letter of the alphabet. See if theres more nature than man made things on your list and let us know! Now for the craft! Todays craft is a sock monkey. I made one about a year ago andContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Sock Monkey + Challenge 18”

30 Days Wild (Challenge 17)

Hey, its 平! Challenge 17: Have a scavenger hunt! Theyre very fun and easy to set up, so get outdoors and get scavenger-ing! Today is also plastic free beauty day, so if you are planning on getting any makeup, try getting it in more Eco friendly packaging. Thanks for reading! -平

30 Days Wild (Challenge 16) + 100th post on Project Eco!

Hey, its 平! Challenge 16: Sit outside You could eat outside if you want as well, but just go out and enjoy nature! I am also quite happy to announce that this post is our 100th post on Project Eco! We have had so much fun trying crafts and learning about animals from each otherContinue reading “30 Days Wild (Challenge 16) + 100th post on Project Eco!”

30 Days Wild (Challenge 13)

Hey, its 平! Challenge 13: Make an Andy Goldsworthy style piece of art. Collect some pebbles, leaves, twigs and flowers and make drawings and patterns with them! If you make one, please feel free to share it with us at Here are some pictures of his work: – 平

Craft Of The Week: Cardboard Windcatcher + Challenge 11

Hey, its 平! Before we start with the craft, todays challenge was to make a daisy chain. Theyre very fun and easy and I love decorating with them! Now for the craft You will need: Cardboard String Beads Scissors Pens Instructions: Cut out a nice shape from cardboard. It could be anything! Make holes inContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Cardboard Windcatcher + Challenge 11”

Craft Of The Week: Egg Carton Rooster

Hey, its 平! I found this weeks craft of the week quite funny and ironic- I dont know if thats the best way to describe it. Either way, its quite an easy craft so lets get started! You will need: An egg carton thingymajig Scissors A black pen Paint (optional) Instructions: 1) Cut one ofContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Egg Carton Rooster”

30 Days Wild (Challenge 4)

Hey, its 平 Challenge 4: Plant something in your garden. It could be a small plant or fruit! I planted seeds from a strawberry about a month ago and theyve started to grow since its their time of year. Yes I did actually sit there and pick the seeds of a strawberry one at aContinue reading “30 Days Wild (Challenge 4)”

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