Craft Of The Week: Sock Monkey + Challenge 18

Hey, it’s 🥭! Challenge 18: Make a list of things that you see outdoors, one for every letter of the alphabet. See if there’s more nature than man made things on your list and let us know! Now for the craft! Today’s craft is a sock monkey. I made one about a year ago andContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Sock Monkey + Challenge 18”

Craft Of The Week: Cardboard Windcatcher + Challenge 11

Hey, it’s 🥭! Before we start with the craft, today’s challenge was to make a daisy chain. They’re very fun and easy and I love decorating with them! Now for the craft You will need: Cardboard String Beads Scissors Pens Instructions: Cut out a nice shape from cardboard. It could be anything! Make holes inContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Cardboard Windcatcher + Challenge 11”

Craft Of The Week: Egg Carton Rooster

Hey, it’s 🥭! I found this week’s craft of the week quite funny and ironic- I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it. Either way, it’s quite an easy craft so let’s get started! You will need: An egg carton thingymajig Scissors A black pen Paint (optional) Instructions: 1) Cut one ofContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Egg Carton Rooster”

Craft Of The Week: Recycled Bee

Hi, it’s 🥭!Yesterday was world bee day so I decided today would be a great day to make a bee! This is a fun craft and I think it’s my favourite so far. You will need: A lid Clear plastic cut into wing shapes Black, brown and yellow pens/felt tips Hot glue (obviously 😂) Instructions:1)Continue reading “Craft Of The Week: Recycled Bee”

Craft Of The Week: Plastic Mosaic

Hey, it’s 🥭!Today’s craft of the week is a plastic mosaic. I haven’t finished mine, but so far it’s going great! To make it you will need:– Cut up pieces of colourful plastic– Old piece of cardboard– Hot glue ( I really do love it, don’t I? 😂) Instructions:1. Choose something to make2. Draft outContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Plastic Mosaic”

Craft Of The Week: Toilet Roll Dinosaur

Hi, it’s 🥭!I haven’t had much time this week to write a post but I found a great environment friendly one that I will link at the bottom. I will be back with a more detailed craft next week. If you make this we would love to see it so feel free to email itContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Toilet Roll Dinosaur”

Craft Of The Week: Little Straw Man

Hey, it’s 🥭 here with the craft of the week!I decided I wanted to make some decoration and this craft is great for just that. It’s quite a short one but let’s get started! You will need: 1 big straw or two small ones A milk lid Pen Hot glue Scissors Instructions: 1) With theContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Little Straw Man”

Craft Of The Week: Recycled Purse/Container

Hi, it’s 🥭! The time has come for me to get new shampoo and conditioner, but every time I do I feel like I’m wasting bottles that I could do some thing with. This time I decided to do something about it, so I did this craft. Hope you enjoy! You will need: A shampoo/conditionerContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Recycled Purse/Container”

Earth Day

Hi everyone! Today we are doing a joint blog all about Earth day! We have lots to talk about, so let’s get started! Hi, it’s 🥳 and I’m here to tell you some facts about Earth day. Earth day is the 22nd April, but they have activities and stuff on from today. Earth day wasContinue reading “Earth Day”

Craft Of The Week: Bottle Cap Caterpillar!

Hi, it 🥭 here with another craft! Since I’m lactose intolerant, we have two types of milk, and the caps are different sizes. I was thinking of all the ways I could make a craft out of these lids, then I got it! I like to call this craft the caperpillar because it sounds cool 😂. To makeContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Bottle Cap Caterpillar!”

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