30 Days Wild (Challenge 16) + 100th post on Project Eco!

Hey, it’s 🥭! Challenge 16: Sit outside You could eat outside if you want as well, but just go out and enjoy nature! I am also quite happy to announce that this post is our 100th post on Project Eco! We have had so much fun trying crafts and learning about animals from each otherContinue reading “30 Days Wild (Challenge 16) + 100th post on Project Eco!”

Craft Of The Week: Cardboard Windcatcher + Challenge 11

Hey, it’s 🥭! Before we start with the craft, today’s challenge was to make a daisy chain. They’re very fun and easy and I love decorating with them! Now for the craft You will need: Cardboard String Beads Scissors Pens Instructions: Cut out a nice shape from cardboard. It could be anything! Make holes inContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Cardboard Windcatcher + Challenge 11”

30 Days Wild (Challenge 10)

Hi, it’s 🥳 Challenge 10: Do/find some artwork of nature You could draw, paint etc. or just look up some artists work! It was World Ocean Day on 8th June and they did a photography contest.Here is the link if you want to have a look: https://unworldoceansday.org/photos/2021-photo-competition/

Craft Of The Week: Egg Carton Rooster

Hey, it’s 🥭! I found this week’s craft of the week quite funny and ironic- I don’t know if that’s the best way to describe it. Either way, it’s quite an easy craft so let’s get started! You will need: An egg carton thingymajig Scissors A black pen Paint (optional) Instructions: 1) Cut one ofContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Egg Carton Rooster”

Save the Rainforest!

Hey, it’s 🥭 Rainforests are wonderful things, but they are being treated worthlessly. About 48 football fields are cut down each minute, leaving thousands of animals fighting to survive. We might have lost species we never knew existed with this technique. Some companies say that for every 1 tree they cut down they will plantContinue reading “Save the Rainforest!”

Recommended Eco Stuff

Hi it’s 🥳 and 🥭 Today we are going to be doing something slightly different to our normal posts. We are going to be talking about some books, websites, games and TV shows that we found and recommend. We have 10 to do, so lets get started! Protect The Planet https://www.worldbookday.com/book/protect-the-planet/ This book was aContinue reading “Recommended Eco Stuff”

Craft Of The Week: Plastic Mosaic

Hey, it’s 🥭!Today’s craft of the week is a plastic mosaic. I haven’t finished mine, but so far it’s going great! To make it you will need:– Cut up pieces of colourful plastic– Old piece of cardboard– Hot glue ( I really do love it, don’t I? 😂) Instructions:1. Choose something to make2. Draft outContinue reading “Craft Of The Week: Plastic Mosaic”

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